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The Classic Book for the Training, Care, and Handling of Retrievers for Hunting and Field Trials (Hardcover)

  • Naslov orginala : New Encyclopedia of The Dog
  • Autor: Bruce Fogle
  • Tvrdi uvez: 416 stranica
  • Izdavač: LEO COMMERCE, RIJEKA (2005)
  • ISBN: 953-218-122-9
  • Dimenzije 30 cm
  • Cijena:
  • Napomena: Mnoštvo vrhunskih fotografija
Tisućama godina je najbliži srodnik psa, vuk, slijedio primitivne skupine ljudi i hranio se ostacima njihove lovine. Međutim, kad su naši drevni preci počeli naseljavati polutrajne nastambe, u povijesti evolucije dogodilo se nešto izuzetno. Jedan inteligentni društveni mesojed odabrao je živjeti u neposrednoj blizini drugoga. Tako je započeo jedan silno plodan odnos koji još uvijek postoji. Toliko se često spominje, da se pretvorilo u otrcanu frazu, no prava je istina - pas je naš najbolji prijatelj. Bez njegove pomoći u čuvanju logorišta, pomaganja u lovu, čuvanja stada i vuče tereta, mi se vjerojatno ne bismo razvili na ovaj način. Isto tako ne bismo mogli opstati u mnogim dijelovima svijeta. Izvor: Superknjižara
It's important to choose our friends wisely, and relationships with man's best friend require a special kind of wisdom. Renowned veterinarian Bruce Fogle (Natural Dog Care) has compiled over 400 pages of helpful advice concerning canine companions, and those looking to learn more about their favorite breeds need look no further. The New Encyclopedia of the Dog's six chapters are filled with gorgeous photos illustrating dogs of all ages from every breed imaginable. While the majority of the book is devoted to explanations of specific breeds, five short chapters provide information on evolution, domestication, health and anatomy, communication, and the roles dogs have played in recent human history. With historical photographs of tapestries, ceramics, and movie posters, as well as intricate diagrams of canine anatomy and charts outlining proper health care, these chapters provide great material for middle-school research papers or science-fair projects.

The 310 pages that fall within the "Domestic Dog Breed" chapter are further divided into nine categories of dogs that range from fascinating primitives to hard-working livestock and guarding dogs. Each breed has multiple photos, both as an adult and a puppy, and a standard set of information that includes size, weight, life expectancy, date and country of origin, and AKC registration. A few simple icons, explained in this chapter's introduction, provide you with information at a glance--when learning about new breeds, you'll know right away if the dog requires extensive grooming and plenty of exercise, or is suitable for small children and city dwelling. From the popular golden retriever to the exotic xoloitzcuintli, the perfect pooches in these photos would melt even the heart of Cruella DeVille. --Jill Lightner

From Library Journal
Here are two exceptional new titles in the dog encyclopedia category. Superb illustrations of every conceivable common and uncommon breed are the main focus of these books, designed to take the reader on a photographic tour of the dog world. Fogle (ASPCA Complete Dog Care Manual, LJ 6/1/93; The Dog's Mind, LJ 12/92) is an acknowledged animal behavior expert. Because of his vast experience as a practicing veterinarian, Fogle is able to provide his readers with more practical insight. His book includes brief but informative sections on the development and evolution of the dog, dogs and humans (i.e., folklore, art, sports), structure and physiology, communication and behavior, and care (health, feeding, grooming, travel, and behavior problems). Readers wanting further information are referred to Fogle's other books for more details. As expected, the sections on the various breeds dominate. The categories chosen are admittedly arbitrary and unlike those used in similar titles: primitive, sight hounds, scent hounds, spitz type, terrier, gundog, livestock, companion, and random bred. Multiple outstanding photographs accompany half-page to full-page descriptions of the over 400 breeds featured. Legacy of the Dog covers fewer breeds (about 200) but is better organized. The table of contents lists seven standard categories (herding, working, sporting, hound, terrier, toy, nonsporting) and an alphabetical list of the breeds included in each category. There is a brief discussion of the history of domestic dogs, which include the characteristics of the groups chosen. Group charts display all the breeds listed in each group, making comparison very easy. Most breeds have a double-page spread with exceptional photographs (taken by the author over a three-year period) and very brief descriptions. Since Yamazaki is a photographer and not a vet, his book's emphasis is obviously on photography. One also questions some of Yamazaki's observations on the breeds themselves. For example, in a discussion of Border Collies, he remarks that "it is also well suited as a household pet," a statement that Fogle disputes. Both titles are highly recommended for the quality and quantity of photos. However, Fogle may be more accurate in his observations, and if you can purchase only one title, it should be his.?Edell Marie Schaefer, Brookfield P.L., Brookfield, Wis.
Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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